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A film about a cemetery of elephants
Director: Carlos Casas

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(prov. Title) version 1.1
Directed by Carlos Casas
Film in process of development.
HD COLOR 110 min.
Production: still to be defined
Co-production: Still to be defined


Sveda, a gurka mahout* living in the border of India and Nepal, leaves his village to take Nga, his old elephant partner with whom he worked as tourist tour guide since he was 9 years old, to an unknown cemetery once his grandfather told him, along the way we are taken by a monologue of remembrance across time, and we are lost in the jungle in a journey of discovery, mourning and reincarnation, Nga is supposed to be the oldest elephant of the world, itís age is unknown.


A film about death, reincarnation, immortality, where Hindu and Buddhist traditions mix.
A film about memory, colonialism, discovery, loss of innocence, collapse of all sanctuaries and unexplored territories,
A road film on elephants, a sound oriented film guided by a monologue voice over, the amazing sounds of the jungle and a deep sound research related to the sonic language of the elephant.